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Complete individual health


checks the mental and physical abilities of our citizens to act in our society. People will need access to this care to ensure their quality of life as we emerge from the effects of COVID-19 and its variants.



provides a place to live and enjoy a form of life that welcomes people into our society for the benefit of all. The presence of people without adequate shelter is a matter for the entire county of Sacramento to take responsibility for creating necessary cures.



 improvements work to assist people in maintaining quality systems from new funding for roads, railways, bridges, internet, renewable energy, and other areas. Job creation is a result of this opportunity for leaders to use these investments to benefit the Sacramento region and the state.

Water Conservation


is a responsibility of all people to combat climate change with use and storage priorities. As the drought years increase, people must help reduce waste, breathe life into teams, organizations, and government. Countless ways exist to act and keep water available for all.



that provides access for development and creation of mixed use of acreage for addressing needs of the communities that include all of our populations in Sacramento County. Spreading usage allows greater opportunity for projects that benefit more people in our county. We will move to correct, where possible, and incorporate current ideas to provide more access toward increased community participation and benefit.



in government makes it possible for community support for and understanding of the complex decisions required by our leaders. Clear and simple ways to hear and address concerns of the citizens should and must be in use by Sacramento County to benefit leaders in moving the county forward.

Equity and Equality 


are important to this entity of 11,000 plus employees. Working in the county should engage each of the personnel in giving their best effort to cohesive relations. These practices provide improved delivery and more satisfaction with county services. Each employee must have a concern for the job they do to help remove obstacles to our publics transacting business or receiving services from the county. Equity and equality in housing, education, and health care will be beneficial to Sacramento County.

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