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Married for fifty years and a parent of three who are parents of eight, Alex is a great leader. This has kept him young. With power to address issues of the day, he will be there for you. Family is important in our community. Alex will promote family, opportunities for youth development, experiential learning, and college education. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in public communications, with a minor in Real Estate. He holds master’s degrees in Educational Administration and in Special Education. He promotes ideas for youth skills development.


​​He Has Skills for Our Times


Alex has worked in three incredible areas of society. He served in the U.S. Army for 20 years. He taught in classrooms in and around Sacramento and Placer Counties. He mentored youth as well as witnessed their maturity and increased confidence in their abilities to advance in their lives. He served parents and students with patience and effectiveness as an educator. Alex collaborated with community leaders to guide the progress of the Elk Grove Unified School District during a critical time of its development. 


Creativity in Action


This thinker finds a way to make systems better. During his tenure as a signal sergeant in charge of communications for the California Army National Guard unit he served, he took the role of signal officer to secure equipment and air resources needed to conduct training exercises. He brought trusted leadership that enabled the completion of the mission each drill. He also served as first sergeant to help the officer corps maintain consistent leadership and training requirements. These talents paired with the stamina to travel seventy times, in six years, to meet training exercise needs four hundred miles away from home each month are a testament to his character.


As an educator, he became one of the first teachers to make home visits in the school district in helping keep students with special needs on track for learning each day. Parents were appreciative. In public service, he was instrumental in bringing early intervention concepts to the school district for the benefit of children with special needs. 


He finds ways to solve problems. He advocates for complete individual health, housing for all, infrastructure upgrades, water conservation, deregulated zoning, transparency, equity, and equality, among others.


Government Tested


Alex has experience in a variety of government systems enabling him to have a step ahead of others. His ability to clearly see components of development allows him to have a clear understanding of components for county projects. These systems of public health, business, employment training, and equity are in keeping with his areas of concern. You will be well-served with Alex Joe working for you.





Growing skills and learning opportunities for all are essential for progress and satisfaction in life. Alex supports the skilled trades and college degree programs.



Housing for All


Solutions to homelessness exist all around us. Sharing responsibility is just one measure that has possibilities. We have the resources. Do we have the will?


Improved Health Care


Mental and physical inquiries are key. Increasing good health habits is vital to our population during this health crisis. Using every resource to meet the health needs of our citizens is our goal, the principal goal.

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