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"Alex will ask you for your concerns in making the Sacramento region a better place to live and work. All concerns have merit and are important. Share with confidence."


On The Issues

"Change is not an easy process, but together we can make positive change a reality"

checks the mental and physical abilities of our citizens to act in our society...

provides a place to live and enjoy a form of life that welcomes people...


improvements work to assist people in maintaining quality systems from new funding...

is a responsibility of all people to combat climate change with use and storage priorities...

  • Decades in service to government and community

  • Long-term advocate for Sacramento County growth and development

  • Educator with impact in several local school districts

  • Union representative

  • Delegate to National Education Association annual meeting

  • Presenter for California School Boards Association conventions

  • Mentor to hundreds of children and youth members in the Sacramento region

  • Experienced collaborator

  • Backyard Gardner

Alex is endorsed by any and all well-meaning individuals wishing to make the best of their lives in Sacramento County District 5 during these years of recovery from a mix of harms and inconsistent legislative actions.

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